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"Core methods you can use to create and repair everyday objects, make "arts and crafts". Traditionally this is called artisan craft. I developed most of the crafts and techniques on this site to demonstrate easy ways to do complex projects; like pottery and metal casting on a budget starting with mostly raw materials. I believe crafters can gain a greater understanding of their craft by starting from the ground up."

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"Mahogany Collectibles is a retailer of hand crafted mahogany desktop models and military models. We pride ourselves in the quality of mahogany models that we sell."

"So people go out there and spend years of their life researching and applying strict scientific method, all in good faith, only to have their body of work discredited with sound-bite sized arguments in which they are accused of having some nefarious agenda."


Floating Sails

Floating Sails!

Model ship with Floating Sails. Model ship with Floating Sails. Model ship with Floating Sails.

Floating Sails are cool! A sail is just a point of resistance in contrast to the water
that a ship directs it's mass against. A sail does not have to run up the mast of
a ship. By anchoring the floating sail to the deck instead of to a long lever, the ship
becomes more stable in the water, less tipping over. A floating sail is a hollow bag
anchored to the deck of a ship that floats though various means. These sails can
float though solar heating as a solar heated dirigible, hot air, steam, or with
lighter then air gasses such as Helium or Hydrogen.

Because floating sails float they can be smaller then ordinary sails because they fly
higher and catch faster smoother wind, like a Kite Sail. Unlike Kite Sails, Floating Sails
are easier to launch and they remain in the air even if the wind dies down. I had fun
building the small scale models in the pictures above. But Floating Sails are easy to
scale up. For instance, if you took a rowboat, a small tank of Helium and a 10 foot
mini dirigible(like what you sometimes see floating near car dealerships). Rope the
dirigible to your rowboat, fill it and now you have a sail riding in the high winds.

There are plenty of ways to enhance this more, like maybe making it wing shapped
or adding some remote controlled fins... A tethered Gyrocopter is another way...
But personally I like the simplicity of the floating sail.

I think it would be fun sometime to take an old boat with no motor and rig it up with
a floating sail. But not a boat with a tree growing out of it!
Boat with tree growing out of it!
Author: Michael Casper


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Click here for a directory of Hobby stores in Massachusetts. This is a directory I put together arranged by town for hobbiests and toy enthusiasts. It's great to know all the things around where you live. This is a directory of hobby stores for photpgraphy, Kites, Games, Ceramics, Toys, Remote Control, Collectibles, Collectables, Doll House Shops, Magicians Supplies, and Miniature shops. Contact me to be added to the directory.


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